Personality Edit

She is introduced as the "Cool Girl" when first encountering the Bad Apples. She retains a disinterested expression at all times though is very observant and cares for the other members of the Bad Apples by typically being the one to prepare their drinks during work.

Relationships Edit

She seems very independent though is often found where Yoh is. They have been friends since middle school and joined a band together later on. Though she is formal and kind to those around her, she seems to let go when it comes to Yoh, often seen being rough with him and speaking more comfortably.

Trivia Edit

  • Her Soul Totem is a pair of headphones that she can transform into a microphone.
  • Her headphones only play one song and only she can hear it.
  • In life was part of a band called "The Suns" with Yoh.
  • Got her nickname "Sunny" from the name of the band.
  • Being in the band gave her a reason to live.
  • She's scared of ending up alone.
  • Died in a bus accident on the way to a concert with Yoh, she died trying to cover and protect him.