Rinka Disciplinary Committee

Rinka Bad Apples

Gender Female
Personal Status
Status Deceased
Professional Statistics
Affiliation Disciplinary Committee
Bad Apples
Occupation High School Student
School Nevaeh Academy

Thapster TV (PS4) (second game debut)

Voice Actors
Japanese Rina Satō (anime)

Rinka es la protagonista del juego. Una mezcla de todos los demás. A pesar de sentirse inferior a la rodeana, gracias a esta sensación de vacío, no se puede cambiar. Aunque su nombre por defecto es "Rinka", su nombre puede ser cambiado por los jugadores.

Keeping her name as "Rinka" will mean that the voiced lines by other characters will refer to her by name.

Appearance Edit

Depending on the side you choose, the heroine wears either a prefects uniform or a regular outfit designed and created by Naraka.

Personality Edit

Rinka struggles with the fact that she has never made much of an effort in her life, with nothing that she strongly wishes for, and simply going with the flow throughout her life. Although she wants to change, she has never done anything about it.

Upon entering the academy, she becomes even more painfully aware of her lack of any strong passions or talent, and seeks to find something for herself. She is a rare case among students who come to NEVAEH Academy, not having arrived with a Soul Totem.

She is self-deprecating and easily blames herself for things outside of her control. As a result, she apologizes frequently, especially when she speaks up and is not immediately received with a positive response.

However, she is very kind and tries to be helpful to the people around her. She often takes on odd jobs with the Bad Apples.

She slowly changes throughout the course of the game, especially once the player enters a specific character's route. She is fiercely caring and does everything she can to see her chosen route's character be happy and return to their previous lives, despite the futility of it all.

Profile Edit

The game begins on her first day of high school. As she heads to school, she ponders the meaningless repetition of her life and her lack of passion or strong desire. Lost in her thoughts and losing her shoe, she is hit by a vehicle and is killed instantly.

She wakes up at the gates of NEVAEH Academy and is greeted by Mr. Rabbit. She attempts to run out the gates, only to find herself back where she started, despite repeated attempts.

Her early days at the academy are spent in denial over her death as she wonders when she will wake up from this dream.

Ella se encuentra desconcertada por la academia, y lucha por comprender la extraña manera en que todo se lleva un cabo.

galería Edit